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The TH-C01 is my first designed and built CPU, just using logic elements. The design has been simulated using the logisim tool.


  • 8 bit ALU
  • 8 bit Data bus
  • 16 bit Address bus (MAX 64k bytes RAM)
  • 8 x 8 bit registers (R0..R7) + (R6+R7 as address pointer)
  • Dedicated Stack Pointer
  • Dedicated PC
  • Interruption control
  • Expected 100 Khz
  • RISC-like architecture with 3 to 5 cycles per operation

Architecture Details


The ALU can operate two 8 bit data (A and B), and its composed of 8 elements that are basically the same.

One bit ALU element


  • A: Operand A bit
  • B: Operand B bit
  • Aon: Enables A bit operand
  • Bon: Enables B bit operand
  • Ainv: Inverses the A bit operand
  • Binv: Inverses the B bit operand
  • Cin: Carry in
  • Op (2 bits): Chose operation path
  • Sinv: Invert the operation result


  • S: Operation result
  • Aout:
  • Bout:
  • Cout: Carry out


  • Carry (C):
  • Parity (P):
  • Adjust (A):
  • Zero (Z):
  • Negative (N):
  • Overflow (O):

Instruction Set