U-Boot bootloader compilation (for mini6410 board)

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Compiling BootLoader

This is the piece of software that setups the board before loading the Operating System. In this section we will compile the source of the bootloader.

You can get the source code from:

Extract the sourcecode, enter the directory and run depending on the amount of RAM in your board:

  • make mini6410_nand_config-ram128
  • make mini6410_nand_config-ram256

And then:

As result you will have a file called u-boot.bin.

Changing clocks

For overclocking (or underclocking) of the CPU and the RAM you have to modify the file include/configs/mini6410.h. Comment the default #define CONFIG_CLK_532_133_66 and uncomment any other of the CONFIG_CLK lines. You can also uncomment CONFIG_CLK_OTHERS and define the values of:

  • APLL_MDIV xx
  • APLL_PDIV xx
  • APLL_SDIV xx