Roller Robot

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Roller Robot

Chassis and Motors

Roller chassis 01.jpg

Roller chassis 02.jpg

Roller chassis 03.jpg

Roller chassis 04.jpg


Motor Encoders

IR Object Detection

Battery Package

The energy is supplied using two 18650 LiON Batteries using a protection board:

  • 2x 18650 LiON Batteries (~7.4v and ~2200 mAh in total)
  • LiON Protection Board provides:
    • Over charge protection
    • Over discharge protection
    • Over current protection
    • Short circuit protection

Using the Protection Board

The back size of the protection board is designed for two LiON cells and has the five connectors (B+, B-, BM, P+ and P-).

Lipo protection back.jpg

The front size has the ICs and other passive elements.

Lipo protection front.jpg

The schematics of connection is like this:


Battery pack from the front:


Battery pack from the top:


Voltage Regulators

The energy provided by the battery pack is then regulated into two independent circuits.