Roller Robot

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Roller Robot

Battery Package

The energy is supplied using two 18650 LiON Batteries using a protection board:

  • 2x 18650 LiON Batteries (~7.4v and ~2000 mAh in total)
  • LiON Protection Board provides:
    • Over charge protection
    • Over discharge protection
    • Over current protection
    • Short circuit protection

Using the Protection Board

The back size of the protection board is designed for two LiON cells and has the five connectors (B+, B-, BM, P+ and P-).

Lipo protection back.jpg

The front size has the ICs and other passive elements.

Lipo protection front.jpg

The schematics of connection is like this:


Empty battery pack from the top:

File:Lipo protection pack empty.jpg

Empty battery pack from the front:

File:Lipo protection pack front.jpg

Battery pack from the top:

File:Lipo protection pack full.jpg