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Fast OGG Encoder (fastoggenc) is an audio conversion tool.

fastoggenc is a free software python script (GPL v3) which converts mp3, m4a, wma, wav and other audio formats into ogg-vorbis format. It is a fork from dir2ogg script that was previously insipred by the perl script mp32ogg.


Current release: 0.1.4 (28.09.2010) - Download

Download older fastoggenc releases

Download from sourceforge


For manual instalation just download the latest release, decompress, and run the installer:

# tar zxvf fastoggenc-0.1.x.tar.gz
# cd fastoggenc
# sh


Format Recommended Alternatives
APE (Monkey's Audio) mac mplayer
MP3 mpg321 lame, mplayer
MP4/M4A/ACC faad alac-decoder, mplayer
FLAC flac ogg123, mplayer
MPC (Musepack) mpcdec mplayer
WMA/ASF mplayer ---
WV (WavPack) wvunpack mplayer

Basic Usage:

Here are some examples. You will get more information running fastoggenc -h. The script will automatically detect the number of cores in the system, and use them all (unless it is otherwise specified with the -x option).

Convert files:

$ fastoggenc foo.mp3 # one file...
$ fastoggenc -t foo.mp3 # one file (keep quality, only for mp3)...
$ fastoggenc foo1.mp3 foo2.m4a foo3.wma foo4.wav # multiple files...

Convert directories:

$ fastoggenc /path/to/music # single directory...

$ fastoggenc /path/to/music # single directory..., same as previous one.
$ fastoggenc -r /path/to/music # single directory (and subdirs)...
$ fastoggenc -r /path/1/ /path/2 /path/3 # recursive...
$ fastoggenc -r -d /destionation/directory /path/to/music
# the converted files will be stored in /destination/directory

$ fastoggenc -r -x 4 /path/to/music # 4 files will be converted at the same time

How can you help?

  • Use it
  • Report bugs
  • Write patches and new features
  • Test it
  • Make packages for your distribution
  • Make translations to other languages

Why a fork from dir2ogg?

I was using mp32ogg to convert my audio files into ogg. Later I moved to dir2ogg. But I realized that it was only converting one file at a time, and having a 4 core processor, 3 cores where idle. What a waste of time! So I decided to edit the script to add multithreading. Later I sent the match to the developers of dir2ogg, but they refused the patch.

So I decided to make a fork (from version 0.11.8) and realized other changes into dir2ogg.

A little benchmark I made in my 4 core processor computer... encoding 40 mp3 songs:

fastoggenc dir2ogg
1m 11s 4m 6s

Differences with dir2ogg:

  • Multithreading.
  • Internazionalization (using gettext).
  • Output directory where the new ogg files are stored.
  • Clean ups.
  • Changed some of the encoding of the parameters.
  • No CD-Audio conversion (for now).