Change Brake discs and pads in a car

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Changing the brake pads and brake discs (or rotors) of your car is easy and you can save a significant amount of money. Not to forget the satisfaction of doing things yourself!

The first step is to buy a set that fits your car model, note that front and back brakes are usually different. In my case I found these well priced and good quality ATE set for the front tires:


We will need to rise the car and make sure it is stable and secure enough. Then proceed to remove the tires:


Remove the caliper that is attached to the "slider pins":


Finally remove the caliper holder, in this case it is held by two screws (one is seen in the picture and the other is marked):


The caliper and the holder are removed:


The push in the piston that presses the brake pads. As the new ones are not worn out, they are thicker and without this process you will not be able to install the caliper. For this process I used a clamp with a piece of wood, for the piston surface not to be damaged. While you are pressing in the piston check the brake liquid level as it will go up, you might need to remove a bit:



The removed old discs and pads:


Install the new break pads using copper grease:


Install the new discs, and mount back the caliper holder and the caliper. If the discs are covered in oil to avoid oxidation then you will need to use a special product to clean them before installing:


We ware that at the beginning the breaks will almost not break!