Build Tslib for ARM

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Tslib is a linux library for initialising and reading data from a range of touchscreen devices, using standard methods. For more information visit the official Tslib webpage.

1. First we need to get the source code, for example from the git repository:
git clone
cd tslib

2. Then we configure it:
./configure --prefix=$HOME/dev/tslib_arm --host=arm-linux
You can change the --prefix to were the compiled code will be stored and --host to the right cross-compile toolchain.

3. Finally we compile and install it:
make install

One Wire TS for mini6410

Download the source code of the one-wire-ts for mini6410

Untar it and compile it:
tar zxvf one-wire-ts-input-src-xxx.tar.gz
cd one-wire-ts-input

Finally copy the file to the plugin directory of the compiled tslib before installing it in the mini6410 board.